What is Financial Planning?

Systematic planning to achieve every goal and dream in life, without compromising on your lifestyle is the essence of financial planning. And contrary to general belief, there is no “ideal” age or time to invest. Then, why wait for the “right” time to arrive or for something unpleasant to occur?

How Financial Planning Makes A Difference

True financial planning is based on a long-term, one-to-one relationship with an Relationship manager and involves a comprehensive, ongoing approach to managing all areas of your financial life. For many people, having a financial plan helps them feel more confident about their financial future. Your life changes, so your plan should too.

Our Unique Approach To Financial Planning

Our unique financial planning and advice experience is called Dream > Plan > Track >™, and it all begins with you — your needs, dreams and goals. Your Relationship manager will work towards creating financial security and stability for you through a range of financial solutions specific to your individual needs, and then making sure that the desired results are achieved through on-going conversation, active tracking, and applying appropriate corrections throughout the lifecycle.

Investment Support To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our advisory services are backed by an extensive portfolio of financial products offered by more than 100 leading financial companies in India. The products that we recommend to you are hand-picked keeping in mind your unique needs, and through an exhaustive and unbiased research spanning a variety of critical parameters.

These products include Mutual Funds , Portfolio Management Service, Structured Products, Private Equity, Life Protection, General Protection.

About Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

For more than 115 years, Ameriprise has been a company focused on helping clients achieve their financial goals and dreams through personal financial planning and advice. Ameriprise India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, Inc. which is a Fortune 500 company2 and America’s leader3 in financial planning that continues to listen to its clients.

About Ameriprise India Pvt. Ltd.

Ameriprise India has been present in India for over 8 years, which has helped in building a strong and conservative foundation before bringing financial services to India. Investment Advisory and Distribution Services was launched for Indian audience in January 2012 with offices in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

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